The Lazarus Effect: Jason Blum on the Oscars, Jem and The Purge

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You know Jason Blum as the founder and CEO of Blumhouse, the studio that produces low budget, enormously profitable horror movies like Paranormal ActivitySinister and The Purge. But this year, Jason Blum gets to add another feather in his cap: he’s celebrating his first Oscar nomination, as one of the producers of the critically-acclaimed drama Whiplash, which has up for five Academy Awards including Best Picture of the Year.

I sat down with the always affable Jason Blum to talk about his Oscar experience so far (and yes, I asked who he’s wearing), as well as his new horror thriller The Lazarus Effect, directed by David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi), which stars Mark Duplass (Togetherness), Olivia Wilde (Drinking Buddies) and Donald Glover (Community) as scientists who discover a way to bring back to dead. Naturally it comes with a few unexpected consequences.

And of course, we talked about Jason Blum’s upcoming features Jem and the Holograms – which Blum describes as “like Lady Gaga’s spirit turned into a movie” – and The Purge 3, which is NOT about what the internet rumors are all claiming it’s about.

Find out more in the following, exclusive interview.


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CraveOnline: I haven’t seen you recently, so congratulations on the Oscar nomination.

Jason Blum: Thank you. Very exciting.

What is that like? Was that always the goal, to be nominated for an Oscar?

Definitely no. It was the goal when I knew nothing about the movie business but it was not the goal recently, the last ten years or so. But it is certainly awesome. It’s so cool.


“I’m deeply excited about getting a free Armani tuxedo. It was fucking awesome.”


So you “accidentally” got nominated for an Oscar.

No, no. You said “the” goal. Certainly “a” goal. Always “a” goal. I was very focused on getting nominated, make no mistake. Like, I worked my ass off to get nominated. I didn’t have to work that hard because the movie was fucking amazing.

Whiplash IS fucking amazing…

Damien [Chazelle] made a fucking brilliant movie. But it wasn’t “the” goal. I guess I’ve been asked a lot of times, like, “Was that your goal in your career?” And it wasn’t. It was “a” goal but not my most important goal.

How much are you enjoying the pageantry of it. Who are you wearing? 

[Laughs.] I’m wearing Armani. I got a free tuxedo!


I’ve never gotten a free piece of clothing in my life. I’m deeply excited about getting a free Armani tuxedo. It was fucking awesome. I got fitted.

Was there a montage where you tried on different suits and people were clapping?

No, no, no! You go to the store and they bring you a few options. I found the option I love and they fitted it for me and I got it. It’s free. I’m wearing it. I’m going to sleep in it that night! [Laughs.]

You’d better get as much use out of it as possible. I want to see you jogging in that thing the next morning.