Alien: Isolation Finally Gets Japan Release Date

So SEGA is a Japanese company, but you wouldn’t know it after they published the Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation in every major region except Japan. Now it appears they’ve woken up and smelled the money.

 Alien: Isolation has done pretty well for a sleeper hit, passing 1 million copies sold to gamers in January, three months after its release. With SEGA now unleashing the xenomorph on its hometown market, it will be interesting to see how and if the game catches on. Survival horror games tend to do well in Japan, but usually of the far more effed up variety (see Silent Hill and Resident Evil).

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At least a few fans of Alien: Isolation have been rather vocally upset about the lack of a Japan release, something The Creative Assembly never officially commented on, with more than a few threads bemoaning the decision.

Alien: Isolation opened in North America and Europe to mostly positive reviews, and is set to hit Japan this summer. The question posed to Japan by the announcement: how will you survive?


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