Kolohe Andino Is Bummed Channel V’s Danny Clayton Isn’t A Fan

Australian Open of Surfing champion Kolohe Andino has hit back at Channel V host Danny Clayton’s live television F-bomb tirade in which he claimed the American had been hitting on his girlfriend.

Clayton’s not-so-subtle on air dig came following a live television cross to the Hurley Surfing Open at Manly Beach over the weekend, claiming the 20-year-old Andino had been texting his girlfriend and warning him to “stay the f*** away” from her, adding “I’ve seen the texts you’ve been sending her, and they’re making her feel uncomfortable” (video below).

Andino took to Aussie radio to defend the texts he’d sent to Clayton’s actress and model girlfriend Zoe Cross.

“When I first saw it I was pretty bummed,” Andino told Kiis FM. “It really questioned my character and it was completely blown out of proportion, the text messages I was sending to his girlfriend.”

“I don’t want people thinking I was raised wrong and thinking I was creeping out a girl.

“The part where he says I’m making her feel uncomfortable … I was pretty bummed, but I’m here to do a job and I did it and I’m happy with the weekend.

“I don’t look at myself in the mirror and say I’m a threat to guys’ girlfriends.”

Clayton has piped down since making the comments, only retweeting a meme posted by Cross after the event.

Photo: Kirstin Scholtz/Getty Images.

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