Marvel Reignites Inferno During Secret Wars

Marvel’s upcoming Secret Wars is resurrecting its original 1984 Secret Wars as a linewide event with several nostalgic touches from the past. The latest trip on the nostalgia tour is stopping at 1989’s Inferno crossover that enveloped the X-Men, X-Factor and the New Mutants in a battle to save New York from the invading demonic hordes from Limbo.

Today, Marvel announced that one of the areas of Secret Wars’ Battleworld will be devoted to a reality where the X-Men lost Inferno. Dennis Hopeless and artist Javier Garron will be the creative team of the new Inferno miniseries which picks up five years later as Colossus tries to save his sister, Illyana Rasputin aka Magik.

“Colossus is a man obsessed,” explained Hopeless while speaking to Newsarama. “In his mind, nothing in the world is more important than rescuing his sister from the Inferno. This mission has consumed his entire life for years now. He’s failed four times and is going back in for another round. On the flip side of that, Illyana has been living all these years as Darkchylde, the all-evil all-powerful badass ruler of the Inferno. That little girl lost routine was a lifetime ago and her brother’s noble quest is laughable.”

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As the cover image teases, the Inferno miniseries will also feature Jean Grey’s clone, Madelyne Prior as the Goblin Queen. Hopeless also indicated that Boom Boom, the brainwashed Alex Summers (aka Havok aka Goblin King) will be in the book, as will the demons N’astirch and S’ym.

“Anything and anyone that stayed behind when the X-Men retreated has spent the past five year in hell,” teased Hopeless. “The demonic possession we saw back then was just the tip of a big scary iceberg. It’s like a cancer that has been growing and growing all this time. That’s right, a big cancerous iceberg of evil.”

Inferno will be released during the Secret Wars crossover this summer.


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