MCG Adding Multi-Million-Dollar Wi-Fi Network

The MCG has honed in on the ultimate live viewing experience for Aussie sport fans, but it doesn’t involve introducing affordable food and beverage prices or amending bounce down times to cater to fans over greedy television networks. It’s internet connectivity and flashy lights!

If you can’t enjoy top level footy or cricket without sending in-stadium selfies or tweeting constant live updates, then the MCG’s “fan engagement” initiative is surely the news you’ve been waiting for.

Australia’s premier sporting venue is set for a huge tech upgrade over the coming months after the MCC announced a $45 million investment to be completed by the end of the year.

The MCG is set to add a new high-speed and high-density Wi-Fi network as well as exterior LED lighting in team colours for night games.

“The ability to get connected here, whether on the telephone network or Wi-Fi, has been a bane for our fans for a long time,” MCC chief executive Stephen Gough told the AAP on Wednesday.

“We’ll develop a very secure, fast, high density Wi-Fi network in the stadium. This will take the fan experience to another level with significant improvements to the MCG’s connectivity.

“This increased capacity will be great news for the four million people who visit the MCG each year.”

The MCC has called on IBM to help establish the network, which will see 700 free public hotspots added around the venue in time for this year’s Boxing Day Test match.

800 new HD screens will also be installed around the stadium, enabling the many Victorian-based clubs which share the MCG to add extra atmosphere to home games.

“We would hope that each of the clubs in the AFL would do it differently,” Gough added.

“We would encourage the individual clubs, with their own talents, to make it theirs.”

Photo: Getty Images. 


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