Sundance 2015: 18 Movies You Won’t Want to Miss

We are just one day away from the Sundance Film Festival, and whether you are attending the festival or not, you should be getting pretty excited. The celebrated institution out of Park City, UT has premiered some of the most important movies of the past three decades, and most recently gave us two of this year’s Best Picture Oscar nominees: Boyhood and Whiplash

Will this year’s Sundance movies make the same kind of impression on critics and audiences alike? Time will tell, but the odds are in their favor. Sundance seems to have great taste in motion pictures, and it seems like just about anything playing in Park City this weekend could very well be the next big thing in cinema. 


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What follows are the 18 films that should probably be on your radar going into Sundance 2015, including intriguing documentaries, impressive casts and time-tested filmmakers. Any one of them could be a breakout hit, but never forget that the point of film festivals is to discover something new. This time next year, every single one of these films might be hailed as new classics, or a completely unknown entry could have slipped in and left them all in the dust.

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18 Sundance Movies You Won’t Want to Miss:

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