$10 Sunset Overdrive DLC “Mystery of Mooil Rig” Is out Now

The Xbox Store has something new available this morning, in the form of DLC for Insomniac’s wacky action game Sunset Overdrive. Mystery of Mooil Rig, a $10 DLC pack, can be downloaded now, and from the looks of things it offers a substantial amount of content.

The DLC takes place on an isolated oil rig in the middle of the ocean, and features new ways of traversing wet terrain not seen in the main game. The player will be able to glide and dive across the waves, and the DLC pack includes both new story encounters and a set of yet-unseen side missions. Insomniac said on Xbox Wire that the pack includes “several hours” worth of new content.

There are new achievements to be had, as well as additional weapons, vanity items, amps, and a new Chaos Squad mission.  The boss found toward the end of the DLC was described as “multi-story,” but no other hints about it were given.

If you have Sunset Overdrive‘s DLC pass you can download Mooil Rig now, or do the same if you intend to buy the pass for $20. Interestingly, there’s a hidden perk held within the pack’s muliplayer Chaos Squad element — you may actually square off against developers from Insomniac while playing.

Starting today, hop into Chaos Squad for a chance to be matched up with a developer (they’ll be the one with the gasmask next to their gamertag). If you beat the dev, you’ll win the “Beat the Dev” achievement that’s worth 25 Gamerscore, an exclusive in-game shirt and a gas mask icon next to your gamertag. If you beat that player, you’ll also unlock the shirt, achievement and icon. And if you beat the previous winner… well, you get the picture.

Not a bad deal! Better get on it fast, though — soon thousands of players will have the DLC, and there are only so many Insomniac developers to go around.