The Most Underrated Films of 2014: A Third Opinion


After putting Winter’s Tale on my Best of 2014 list and Captain America: The Winter Soldier on my Worst of 2014, wait ‘til you see m number 11 here! The 14 Most Underrated Films of 2014 is a little more flexible than Best and Worst. Here we’re not strictly talking about quality, although the assumption is that all of these movies are worth seeing and didn’t get their due. 


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But the degrees of underrating are subjective. There are films that no one saw, for sure, but even some $100 million blockbusters can be considered underrated when compared to their potential. I appreciate the chance to champion 14 more movies, although I gave one slot to another one of my Best Films of 2014. That’s how much I want you to see it.


Fred Topel’s 14 Most Underrated Films of 2014:

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