The 14 Worst Films of 2014 – A Third Opinion


In my various travels to Sundance, SXSW, Telluride and Fantastic Fest, I missed a number of sure contenders for this list. Ride Along, I Frankenstein, The Nut Job, Sex Tape, Think Like a Man 2, I’ll take your words for it. Yet I absolutely hated some really beloved movies this year. 

That’s good though. That’s what these lists are for, so we can all understand each other. I write about movies less to convince anyone else to like something, although I do champion movies I would like to see get a chance to at least be seen. I don’t mind if we disagree though. I just want you to understand me. Movies are such a big industry that we can use them as vehicles to relate to each other. Yes, that also means I’m taking mental notes about you when I read your published work or follow you on Twitter. 


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So please, consider where I’m coming from. Like whatever you like, and I’m happy some of the below movies made you happy. The point is not to ruin your enjoyment of any film, though for numbers 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 there will be little love lost. This list is to summarize a year at the movies, particularly where I wanted different things out of Hollywood or indie movies. And as Franchise Fred, I have a number of bad sequels to answer for, although I’ll never stop encouraging them to make more and do better next time. 


Fred Topel’s 14 Worst Films of 2014:


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