Best of 2014: The 8 Funniest Films of the Year


Maybe it’s because I am aging, or perhaps I’m just becoming a grumpy old man, but I seem to encounter fewer and fewer outright belly laughs at the movies anymore. I recall the glory days of my youth, when comedy films like The Naked Gun and Spaceballs commanded my attention, and find that broad spoofs that I once so enjoyed are now much less common, having given way to a brand of spoof that is, well… do I need to bring up A Haunted House 2?

2014 was an average year for comedy films. A lot of the comedies of the year were decent and entertaining, but not at all notable: this is the time when we recall that Bad Words was released in 2014. And, of course, some of the worst films of the year were attempts to make us laugh; I personally really loathed Horrible Bosses 2. There were, however, a few nuggets of actual comedic genius hidden amongst the glut of mediocre yuk-fests like Blended and That Awkward Moment.


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This list is devoted, then, to those nuggets. Those hilarious and sublime moments of this year’s glorious giggly absurdity. Here are the eight funniest films of the year.


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