The 11 Best Movie Villains of 2014


Villains are typically more interesting than their more heroic counterparts. And while this basic axiom should be a defining characteristic of an epoch dominated by superhero films, it seems that the villains within the big-budget superhero movies are often rather forgettable. Although Captain America’s latest movie was named after its villain, that villain was the most perfunctory and predictable part of the film’s plot. And the villain in Guardians of the Galaxy may as well have been a cardboard cutout for all the personality he had. At least the most recent X-Men film had a memorable antagonist.


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So we must turn into an inkier, blacker fact of movies to discover who the truly awesome villains were. And 2014 had some great ones. There were some downright terrific monsters and killers. Some of them you hated, some of them you loved to hate, and some reached that magical place of villainhood (a space occupied by The Joker and Freddy Krueger) wherein they are so charismatic and enjoyably wicked, you kind of want them to succeed in their evil endeavors. The number one character on this list is, indeed, one I wouldn’t mind seeing in a sequel or two.

Here, then, are the best villains of 2014.  


Slideshow: The 11 Best Movie Villains of 2014


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