Best of 2014: The 20 Best Movie Posters of the Year

Guns and mugs. Most movie posters still contain a posed action shot with a weapon or strong, appealing shots of their stars (some assemble every actor for a group shot and call it a job well done). Many are indistinguishable. In that way, movie posters greatly reflect movies in general.

However, every year there always a high number of well-crafted, well-designed films, and likewise, there’s always a high number of interesting and differently designed movie posters to complement them. Some designs harken back to previous decades, some convey the plot with a single image, some have adventurous fonts or color tones, and some have no stars and have to stand out from the generic posters that litter multiplexes.

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Snobby design folk like to say that “good design can change the world.” Well, we will certainly concede that good movie poster design can make us consider a film that wasn’t on our radar before, or that was lower in interest. Others wet the appetite for a project that we’d already looked forward to.

Okay, we’ve waxed philosophical enough on this subject. You just want to get to the slideshow to see our picks. We just needed to get enough text to register as a full-fledged SEO-stamped article about a pretty self-describable list. Now that we’re at an impatient standoff, we invite you to view our selections in the slideshow below. Also, we want you to know that this was very thorough, and included a scan of every poster that is listed with a 2014 release. We considered teaser posters, proper theatrical posters, but we didn’t consider character posters because those are more akin to trading cards and follow a template for numerous posters. If we left out your favorite, please sound off below!  

Slideshow: The 20 Best Movie Posters of 2014

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