Best of 2014: The Top 14 Home Video Releases

Transformers Age of Extinction Blu-ray Best of 2014 Best Blu-rays of 2014 Best Home Video Releases of 2014


There’s still some time left in the holiday buying season. If you’re struggling to pick out the perfect gift for your movie geek loved ones, CraveOnline is here to help. I’ve been reviewing Blu-ray throughout the year, and now I’ve looked back and rounded up the 14 best releases of 2014. I’ve even added a few titles that I never got around to writing up earlier in the year. 

I realized I picked relatively few new releases. I’m finding that these days they always wait to put out a really good special edition, so the first releases is just a formality. I also don’t have a 3D TV so unfortunately this is a 2D only edition of the Top 14 Blu-rays of 2014. Classic TV shows had a big year on Blu-ray, and as Franchise Fred, I’m always excited about series collections.


The Top 14 Home Video Releases of 2014:

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