Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Responds to Street Fighter V’s PlayStation Exclusivity

This past weekend was chock full of gaming news and reveals, and the fact that the latest Street Fighter game, Street Fighter V, will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive stands far above the rest for fighting fans. This is the result of a deal between Capcom and Sony, which means that Xbox One players won’t see the game on their platform any time soon, if ever.

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Xbox executive Phil Spencer commented on the situation via Twitter, and though it’s not exactly ideal for his platform, he seems fully aware that their’s nothing explicitly unfair going on here. Business is business.

Emphasizing the importance of bulking up the quality of 1st-party IP is an admirable response, and in a lot of ways Mr. Spencer is right. Consistently good 1st-party content is arguably the most dependable asset in gaming, and the more you can have, the better.

Spencer continued, stating the following.

Street Fighter V was officially revealed on December 6th during Sony’s PlayStation Experience event this past weekend. Phil Spencer clearly isn’t getting too worked up about it, but will Xbox owners be as calm? It’s unlikely a deal like this will truly last indefinitely — remember Resident Evil 4? There may just be a one or two year wait attached.