The 10 Best X-Men To Be On Black Friday


Love it or hate it, Black Friday is just a few days away.

The biggest shopping day of the year also tends to be ground zero for fights, injuries, and even deaths. Humanity gathers, during the season of goodwill, to beat the holy hell out of each other for big screen TVs and game consoles.

We here at CraveOnline have often stood in these lines wishing we were one of the X-Men. With their mutants powers, we could finally get the best deals on Black Friday! We’ve narrowed our list down to The 10 Best X-Men To Be On Black Friday. Sure, some of these X-Men were villains before joining the team and have since gone back to villainy. But like the Star-Lord says, you’ve gotta be little bit of good and evil to make it out of Black Friday intact! 

If you could be a mutant for Black Friday, who would you be? Let us know in the comment section below!