Exclusive Preview: Trinity of Sin # 2

The Trinity of Sin is back together… well, at least two of them are.

During the first issue of Trinity of Sin, mystical assassins targeted The Phantom Stranger, The Question and Pandora. And in the ensuing melee, both The Phantom Stranger and The Question lost close friends that they had come to deeply care about.

To deal with their mutual foe, Pandora and The Phantom Stranger agreed to join forces, but The Question refused because he still hates them more than he hates their new adversary.

In this exclusive preview from Trinity of Sin # 2, The Phantom Stranger and Pandora travel to Dark Earth and encounter Nimraa: Servant of the Shadow. Nimraa may not be the ultimate power behind the attacks on the Trinity of Sin, but she has more than enough power to wipe the two who dared to confront her.








Writer J.M. DeMatteis and artist Yvel Guichet continue their tale in Trinity of Sin # 2, which will be released this Wednesday, November 19.