Which NBA Player Has The Most Missed Shots In History?

This guy:

That’s right. Kobe Bryant, despite being a leading NBA scorer, having played in about a bazillion games, and having had a long and storied career, has one giant issue:

He’s missed exactly one hell of a lot of shots. In fact, he’s missed enough to surpass the former record holder, Boston Celtic of years past, John Havlicek. “How many shots did Havlicek miss?” you ask. 


Kobe Bryant hit 13,418 in the recent game against the Grizzlies, securing his place on the missed shot throne for likely some time until some other NBA great takes his place. He can use his shooting guard position and 19-year career as an excuse, but boy is that a lot of missed points.

If anything, this can serve as a reminder. Despite our successes in life, there will always be something that humbles us. Hats off to you, Kobe. You’re a great basketball player, but you’re simply human like the rest of us.

Thanks to NESN for this story.


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