You Can Now Buy the “John Lewis Penguin”… for £95

John Lewis released its annual Christmas commercial this week, tugging at the nation’s heart strings with its tale of a lonely penguin in search of love.

While everyone is busy discussing whether they love/hate the commercial, and whether it makes them feel warm or fuzzy inside or makes them want to start an anti-capitalist movement, John Lewis has put the cuddly toy penguin on sale on its website… for a whopping £95.

That’s right. £95 for a 45cm plush toy.

The toy is sure to raise the ire of parents’ nationwide as “Monty the Penguin”, the name for the CGI creation/toy featured in the advert, will make its way onto kids’ Christmas lists, despite costing a quarter of the price of the PS4/Xbox One, two Christmas must-haves.

Check out the commercial featuring the penguin below: