Who’s The Best Quarterback In The NFL?

Tom Brady

There are a few names that an NFL fan hears just about every day, for one reason or another:

Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady.

They are generally considered to be the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL, and are even part of a larger “Golden Age” of QBs that a lot of fans surprisingly don’t even know we’re in. We are witnessing, day in and day out, the makings of (likely) the most impressive quarterbacks we’ll see for a long time.

The question of “Who is the best quarterback in the NFL?” still needs to be asked, though. And as you know, the majority of dedicated sports fans are opinionated, down to minutia that many fair-weather fans would probably never even begin to care about.

So, head on over to NESN and vote in their poll. Pick your favorite QB from the list of the best in the NFL right now. Do you think your pick is on top?