The Kansas City Royals Were Nearly Distracted From Success By A Video Game


This is most certainly one of the more interesting things to come out of the MLB post-season. The Kansas City Royals were nearly distracted from success throughout the regular season because of one mobile game:

Clash of Clans.

That’s right, Clash of Clans drew so much attention from most of the team, that it nearly jeopardized their road to the post-season. During a particular rough patch in the regular season, their first base coach Rusty Kuntz walked into the clubhouse to see nearly everyone on their iPads, slaving away at this game.

Following an intervention staged by Ned Yost (manager of the Royals), the players put down their iPads, focused on what they should have been focusing on, and won nearly all of the next twenty games.

There’s nothing wrong with video games, but there’s certainly a particular time and place for them, especially in the life of a professional baseball player.

Hat tip to NESN for this story.

Do you find that video games often distract you from more important things in life?