The Blinky Bill Movie To Feature Star Australian Cast

blinky bill

A host of home-grown television and film talent is set to take up voiceover roles for Blinky Bill’s return to the big screen.

The already confirmed Ryan Kwanten of True Blood fame will voice Greenpatch’s Blinky, and will be joined by Robin McLeavy (Hell On Wheels, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) as best friend Nutsy.

Supporting roles will be filled by high-profile local talent including Toni Collette, Barry Humphries, David Wenham (300, The Lord Of The Rings), Richard Roxburgh, Deborah Mailman and Barry Otto as Blinky goes in search of his missing father. British actor Rufus Sewell (A Knight’s Tale, Hercules) is also taking advantage of his dual citizenship to join the cast.

“The Blinky Bill Movie will introduce a whole new generation to Blinky Bill and his Australian bush friends,” producer Barbara Stephen of local filmmakers Flying Bark Productions announced at the Australian International Movie Convention last weekend. “We are so excited that we’ve been able to attract such an impressive cast to the project.”

Blinky Bill last appeared on Australian television screens back in 1995 and the loveable koala is now set for his first run as a 3D animation after originally appearing 1933 children’s book Jacko – the Broadcasting Kookaburra.

Blinky’s first animated film, 1992’s Blinky Bill : The Mischievous Koala, was a huge success and collected $2 million at the box office, a number significantly higher than the majority of Aussie releases tanking in 2014

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