New York Comic Con Video Interview: Geoff Johns Talks Lex Luthor and Making Aquaman Cool Again

There aren’t many comic book fans out there who don’t know of the legendary Geoff Johns, DC Comics’ chief creative officer. We got the opportunity to sit down and speak with him about the company’s line of comics and how he managed to make Aquaman cool again.

“Well he is cool. I think it’s a little too easy to make fun of Aquaman,” Johns said of the King of Atlantis, adding with a grin that “he’s bullet-proof mostly… he’s strong… he can control sharks….”

Johns then went onto discuss the latest events in “Forever Evil” and how it will impact the Justice League as a whole now that Lex Luthor is on a path of redemption. After giving a brief overview of the series, he mentions a new storyline that the company is launching, called “The Amazo Virus,” which explores the ramifications of Luthor’s past.  

“Just because Lex has turned over a new leaf doesn’t mean everything he’s ever done or created or planned is gonna disappear,” he teased. “And his past comes to bite him in the ass and the League has to pick up the pieces.”

For more from Johns, including his approach to reinventing some if DC’s most iconic characters, check out our exclusive video interview from New York Comic Con 2014 below.