New York Comic Con Video Interview: Dan Didio and Jim Lee Look Back on 75 Years of Batman

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DC Comics has been a leader in the business since the beginning, and its presence at New York Comic Con made it clear the company plans to continue to push the medium forward for a long time to come. CraveOnline’s Iann Robinson managed to get ahold of co-publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee to talk about all things comics and even look back on the long and influential life of the Batman franchise.

In looking back on the past 75 years of the aforementioned superhero, Lee highlighted Christopher Nolan’s work on the franchise, praising the film director for The Dark Knight, which “took that mythology to a darker more serious place and really made this incredible taught suspenseful thriller movie.”

As far as the pair’s proudest moments, Lee mentioned “bringing fresh life into the line” and not just the DC Comics line, but the industry as a whole, though their competitors may be reluctant to admit it. Didio also chimed in, noting the importance of the company’s ability to “take risks on some of the more eclectic series out there.”

For more from Didio and Lee, including their thoughts on the new direction that Batgirl is taking, be sure to check out our exclusive video interview below, and for all your New York Comic Con 2014 needs, keep it tuned right here to CraveOnline.