Katy Perry Partying Hard With Ole Miss Students

Alabama v Mississippi

It was last Saturday Ole Miss defeated Alabama 23-17 — a game in which superstar Katy Perry attended. Although it’s been a few days, images are still surfacing online at prove Perry not just played spectator in Oxford, Miss., but party animal.

 First there was Perry’s corn dog throwing appearance on ESPN’s College GameDay.

And the best video yet? Celebrating the big win by shotgunning a beer and leaping into the bar crowd for a good ol’ crowdsurf. 

It’s only the 7th time Ole Miss has defeated Alabama since 1912 and it’s their first win ever against a top 10 team. Perry didn’t attend the school but her manager did.

Hey, I guess any excuse to party, right?

Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.

Photo Credit: Getty