Nicholas D’Agosto Is Harvey Dent on ‘Gotham’

Just over a week ago, “Gotham” made its debut on Fox as it delved into the origin stories of Bruce Wayne, James Gordon and some of Batman’s greatest villains. While The Joker hasn’t officially made an appearance yet, one of the biggest Batman villains is coming to Gotham City.

Deadline is reporting that Nicholas D’Agosto has been signed to a recurring role as Harvey Dent, the Assistant District Attorney of Gotham City and the man who will be better known as Two-Face. Originally created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, Dent is one of the more tragic Batman villains who was driven insane after his face and body were hideously scarred in an acid attack. The character has previously been portrayed in live action by Billy Dee Williams, Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart.

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More recent depictions of Harvey Dent have placed him as an ally and even a friend to Commissioner Gordon and Batman before his fall into villainy. Making Dent into one of Gordon’s contemporaries is a bit of a departure for “Gotham,” but it doesn’t necessarily negate what may be in Dent’s future.

The report notes that Dent will show glimpses of his Two Face persona during his appearances and that he may be a series regular if “Gotham” gets a second season.

Prior to “Gotham,” D’Agosto appeared in “Masters of Sex,” “Heroes” and Final Destination 5.

“Gotham” airs Monday nights on Fox.


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