Fantastic Fest 2014 Recap Reviews

When I’m at South by Southwest in Austin, I always seek out movies playing at the Alamo Drafthouse, so I can enjoy their food and drink during the movie. Well, Fantastic Fest is an entire festival at the Alamo Drafthouse, where I can blow through their menu twice over in a week. In many ways it is the most communal film festival, since it takes place entirely in one location and all attendees remain at the Drafthouse to socialize all week. 

I also love the kinds of films Fantastic Fest selects. Most film festivals have a midnight section for edgy horror movies or just plain weird stuff. Fantastic Fest is like a whole week of midnight movies. They get some mainstream titles like Tusk and John Wick and some prestige films like Cannes’ Critics Week winner The Tribe, but it all fits an edgy, weird aesthetic.

This year’s Fantastic Fest lineup was so strong that I singled out eight movies, and there were still so many more that were worth seeing, if not a full review. It just shows that even the Fantastic Fest movies that fall through the cracks are worthwhile themselves. Here is my final recap of Fantastic Fest movies, focusing on the movies you may likely hear about in the next year as they find distribution after their festival runs.

Slideshow: Fantastic Fest 2014 Recap

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