Power Hour Drinking Game Ensures a Party

There’s no hour like a Power Hour—that’s where you slam a drink every minute for an hour—and no faster way to turn a party from “eh” to “epic.” (Or involve paramedics, but that’s another story. Don’t be an idiot.) Well now you can have a music-driven Power Hour party in your pocket at all times, thanks to Ali Spagnolia’s Power Hour App.

You might remember Ali—she’s the hard rockin’, hard drinkin’ chick who wrote a power hour album of 60 one-minute-long drinking songs, and promptly got sued by patent trolls who claimed THEY owned all rights to the “Power Hour.” Ipso facto, any of us holding a Power Hour of our own would have to pay these asshats royalties. (Aint the legal system grand?) Three years, $30,000 and one court victory later, the trolls have been vanquished and Ali is back with her sweet new app that lets you throw a party anywhere, anytime, and have your liver begging for mercy in under an hour.

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The Power Hour App promises to “make you more attractive through the science of Beer Goggles” and stocks the hour-long playlist with included songs—or you can pick ones from your music library and the app will cut them down to the requisite 60-second length. Choose sound effects to signal when the song ends and the drinking begins, and you’ve got a power hour party. The app also keeps track of timing and the number of drinks you’ve had—you know, for when the paramedics ask.

You can set the app to automatically tweet pics of your party out to followers (because we all know without pics, it didn’t happen), and you can chat with other power hour-ers in real time. (Now those are conversations we want to listen in on.)

All this party-in-your-pants goodness, is just $1.99. That’s less than two bucks to ensure everyone is sufficiently socially lubricated and having a good time. When’s the last time that happened for so little? Song’s over, drink up.