Derek Jeter Retirement Hype Train Brutally Derailed By ESPN’s Keith Olbermann

New York Yankees v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Fans and viewers of ESPN’s Keith Olbermann know one thing about him at the very least:

He doesn’t pull his punches.

There are many claims regarding Derek Jeter’s ability and contributions to the New York Yankees in his long, (apparently) storied career. It seems the fanfare, pomp and circumstance may not necessarily be due to Jeter’s actual accomplishments, but rather might be attributed to some form of hype being built up and perpetuated by those in the media and by biased younger fans. If you have an open mind, or have been affected by the growing near-hysteria over Derek Jeter’s retirement, you may very well owe it to yourself to watch Mr. Olbermann’s breakdown, which we have for you below:

Revealing, no?

Special thanks to our friends at NESN for this story.