The Amazing Race Canada Season 2 Crowns Winners

Last night the winners of the second season of “The Amazing Race Canada” were crowned, and (spoiler alert!) best friends Mickey and Pete came out on top in the finale in Ottawa.

The best buds Mickey Henry and Pete Schmalz, who hail from Muskoka, Ontario, were top contenders all season, beating out the second-place “Golden Girls,” or hockey stars Meaghan Mikkelson and Natalie Spooner.  “Oh my God,” said Pete after the big win (The Canadian Press). “Absolutely life-changing, man. Mick and I are both in huge debt. We’ll be able to pay that off.”

“I’m not going back to the oil rigs,” Mickey said.

“Whole new ball game,” Pete continued. “My life is just heading in a completely different direction now.”

 “I think the fun part of this race has been being together,” Mikkelson said (CP), “We’ve gotten to know each other so well. We were good friends before this but I think we’ve taken friendship to a whole new level. I’m very proud of how many legs we won and how strong we’ve been. And as a Canadian traveling around to all these places, there’s a sense of pride you feel. As athletes, this is the country we represent and it’s amazing.”

Producers aren’t wasting any time and have already started taking applications for Season 3. If you’d like to apply to “The Amazing Race Canada,” click here for more info.

Photo: The Amazing Race Canada/CTV


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