TIFF VIDEO: Peter Strickland on ‘The Duke of Burgundy’

TIFF 2014: Peter Strickland on his new film… by CraveOnline

 Director Peter Strickland exploded onto the indie and genre scenes in 2012 with his highly lauded Berberian Sound Studio, a modern day giallo about a movie sound designer whose life began to imitate his art. The film was dark, strange, intense, and most certainly unique. Strickland has returned in 2014 to the Toronto International Film Festival with a new film, The Duke of Burgundy, which is about a young lepidopterist (that’s someone who studies moths and butterflies to the layman) who becomes sexually obsessed with her lover. Kinky hijinks ensue, as they say. 

CraveOnline‘s William Bibbiani sat down with Strickland to discuss the sexual and psychological minutiae of The Duke of Burgundy, the characters, and (likely) both reveled in their opportunity to use the word “lepidoptery” in casual conversation. 

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The Duke of Burgundy does not yet have a U.S. release date, but to our readers in London, it will play at the London Film Festival on the 9th of October. The more resourceful of our readers will be able to get in. 

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