TIFF VIDEO: Felicity Jones on ‘The Theory of Everything’

TIFF 2014: Felicity Jones on her new film “The… by CraveOnline

 Jane Hawking: her name might not be familiar to many, but she was married to the very familiar Stephen Hawking, who to most of us, is known as the genius whose theories on time, space and black holes have defined an era of physics. We most likely picture Stephen in a wheelchair, equipped with a keyboard and a robotic voice. When Jane married Stephen he had a life expectancy of two years and they both were finishing university studies. Felicity Jones (Like Crazy) plays Jane and Eddie Redmayne (Les Miserables) plays Stephen in James Marsh’s film. 

Obviously their marriage went much longer than two years, as Hawking is still alive today. And therefore their marriage was one of strength, beauty, but also, difficulty. Difficulty for caring for someone that she loved, but someone who had almost no control of his body movements. And also because, after giving birth to his children, she had to do almost all the physical raising of them and also aid her husband in his diminishing physicality. The upcoming film, The Theory of Everything, which will be released in November – but just debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival – details not just this struggle and but also their obvious love for one another. 

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Jones sat down with CraveOnline to talk about the romantic gaze from across the room, her lack of aging makeup in the film and — as a indie film bonus! — fields a question from Ben York Jones, co-writer of two of the actresses biggest films: Like Crazy and Breathe In . Both actors are phenomenal in the film and likely will be talked about throughout the upcoming longer and longer Academy Awards season.