TIFF VIDEO: Eddie Redmayne on Playing Stephen Hawking in ‘The Theory of Everything’

TIFF 2014: The Theory of Everything – Eddie… by CraveOnline 

Stephen Hawking: to most of us, he’s a known genius whose theories on time, space and black holes have defined an era of physics. We also most likely picture him in a wheelchair, equipped with a keyboard and a robotic voice. The upcoming film, The Theory of Everything, which will be released in November –but just debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival — details Hawking’s life at Cambridge prior to his diagnosis of ALS. It’s a school romance between he and his future wife Jane, that turns tragic, then profound and then still. 

Eddie Redmayne (Les Miserables) plays Stephen and Felicity Jones (Like Crazy) plays Jane in James Marsh’s film. Redmayne sat down with CraveOnline to talk about how he had to change his body movements and stiffness throughout each shooting day to properly portray where he and Jane were in their relationship (and where he was in his career). Both actors are phenomenal in the film and likely will be talked about throughout the upcoming longer and longer Academy Awards season. 

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Redmayne was cordial, affable and, because he is British and playing someone with such an astoundingly important legacy, we decided we should wear a suit. Nothing but class at CraveOnline. And speaking of class, we should brush up on our theories of black holes and the expansion of time.

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