TIFF VIDEO: Denzel Washington and Antoine Fuqua on ‘The Equalizer’

TIFF 2014: The Equalizer – Denzel Washington… by CraveOnline

Denzel Washington and Anton Fuqua have been slowly becoming a cottage industry devoted to gritty, hefty street crime dramas; they started their collaboration with the much-lauded Training Day (which earned Washington an Academy Award), and have most recently worked together on The Equalizer, based on the 1985 TV series, out in theaters on the 26th of September.

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The Equalizer is a vigilante film of the scuzziest order, featuring Washington as an ex-commando who faked his own death, and who must come out of hiding to mete out justice on a team of Russian mobsters. Washington has a streak of awesome toughness in him, as evidenced by a handful of tough-guy roles, and The Equalizer promises to be his toughest yet.

The film’s star and its hardscrabble director sat down at the Toronto International Film Festival to talk about their new movie, and how awesome it is to peruse a hardware store looking for the right tools one needs to dispatch a bad guy. 

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