PAX Prime: Top 5 Best Games of PAX Prime 2014

With PAX Prime officially wound down, the time has come to reflect. How did the show compare to the counterparts of its past? PAX is certainly bigger than ever in terms of scale, and though the selection of games was certainly mixed, there was more than enough great stuff to tide even the most picky of gamers over.

Our top five is a bit of an eclectic list; some omissions are surprising, some inclusions are obvious, and a curiously charming selection rounds out the #1 spot. PAX is an event that connects gamers with game-makers directly, after all, and is a phenomenal place for indies and smaller titles to have their time in the sun. We couldn’t be more thrilled with much of what we were able to try, both indie and AAA, and honorable mentions should definitely go to titles like Behemoth’s Game 4 and Nintendo/Koei Tecmo’s Hyrule Warriors.

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With that, here’s what was awesome. Check it out!