‘The Tick’ Creator Confirms Live Action Revival Is In Development

Last Friday, an unlikely report emerged that Amazon was looking to revive “The Tick,” the superhero comedy spoof starring Patrick Warburton as the title character. More surprisingly, Warburton was reportedly up for reprising his role as The Tick.

While Amazon has yet to publicly talk about “The Tick,” Ben Edlund — the creator of the Tick comic book series — took to twitter to say “Yes for now suffice it to say the dream of a new live-action Tick is being pursued with vigor.”

The Wrap has also filed a report stating that the rumors about Amazon’s involvement and Warburton’s return to the role. “The Tick” was previously adapted into an animated series on Fox before it became a live action series in 2001. However, “The Tick” came to an end after only nine episodes.

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Regardless, “The Tick” has maintained a cult following in the ensuing 13 years and the live action series is still available on DVD. Nestor Carbonell (“Bates Motel”) co-starred in “The Tick” alongside Warburton, David Burke and Liz Vassey. But at this point, there is no indication that Carbonell, Burke or Vassey will also revisit their characters in “The Tick.”

If the roles of Arthur, Batmanuel and Captain Liberty are recast for the new incarnation of “The Tick,” who would you choose to play those characters? Share your choices in the comment section below!



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