8 Lame Holiday Movies About 8 Lame Holidays

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Wait a second, what the heck is Labor Day? We all know when it occurs, and that we typically get the day off of work the Monday on which it falls, but I’m willing to bet that the bulk of Americans don’t really know what Labor Day represented, when it started, or why we celebrate. A quick, quick history lesson: Labor Day was started in March of 1886 by president Grover Cleveland to commemorate those lost and unfairly treated during the Haymarket Massacre, an infamous riot that took place after a labor strike.

And while I don’t want to make light of the tragedies of 1886, Labor Day has, in the modern age, become something of a limp holiday. It is barely remembered by kids, and possessed of no traditional signifiers other than a day off of school, and – for those of us working in the film industry – the official end of the Summer movie season. And guess what? There was a movie based on Labor Day.

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The tradition of Holiday movies is hardly novel; Christmas and Halloween movies are legion and stretch back decades, if not a whole century. But some enterprising filmmakers have – in occasional spastic fits of creative desperation – tried to make other holidays “happen” for filmgoing audiences. If it worked for something like, oh, Friday the 13th, then maybe the following holidays can also be exploited as fodder for drama. The lesson to be learned here: If you start with a lame holiday, you come up with a lame movie.  

Slideshow: 8 Lame Holiday Movies About 8 Lame Holidays

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