The B-Movies Podcast #185: Off the Rails

B-Movies Podcast Sin City 

Sin City: A Dame to Kill ForWhen the Game Stands Tall and To Be Takei get the The B-Movies Podcast treatment this week on an all-new episode! Join your hosts William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold as they call foul on the latest inspirational sports drama, put a hit out on the new Sin City and go “Oh my” like that one guy in that documentary about the guy who says “Oh my.” They also reveal which brand of lotion is the best on the market, reveal the right way to deliver baby snakes door to door and declare If I Stay the best movie of the year, in principle, sight unseen.

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Plus: David Yates returns to the Harry Potter franchise, the legend of Remo Williams finally continues, Kevin Feige finally listens to fans about adding diversity to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Chinese cinemas introduce interactive movie theaters where the audience’s texts appear on-screen with the movie. Wait… WHAT?! Is this the death of cinema, a new and exciting innovation or just another pointless gimmick?

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