Don’t F***ing Give Them The Emmys!

Jim Parsons

On Monday, August 25, Hollywood will converge on the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles for the 66th Annual Emmy Awards. The Emmys are the top honors in television, as dramas, comedies, variety shows and reality programming are given their due.

At least in theory.

In practice, the Emmy Awards have an embarrassing history of making the wrong choices, snubbing deserving programs and performers as well as voting for the same people over and over again.

Case in point: “Breaking Bad” would have probably swept the major drama categories this year if HBO hadn’t placed “True Detective” into the same categories as well. “Breaking Bad” could still walk away with the most awards, but at least now there is some suspense in the drama section.

But this list isn’t about “True Detective” or “Breaking Bad.” This is a list about the performers and TV shows that absolutely should not win the Emmys in their respective categories. Some are completely undeserving, while others have been honored so many times that it’s getting pretty ridiculous at this point.

It should be noted that the following choices are simply my opinion, with a certain amount of tongue-in-cheekiness implied. You don’t have to agree with me. You may not find this list funny. But I want all of you to know that I genuinely don’t want these shows or performers to win this year.

If the Emmys come and go with these winners I will be very, very angry. It will also mean that the Emmy voters got it wrong yet again. So for sake of my sanity… Don’t Fucking Give Them The Emmys!

And if you feel the need to argue about this list… that’s what the comment section is for.