First Look: All-New X-Men # 31

Over in Uncanny X-Men, writer Brian Michael Bendis recently dropped a bombshell about the late Professor Xavier that is way, way, way out of character for the man. Seriously, if the Earth was Xavier’s normal personality then the twist would be located somewhere in the Shi’ar galaxy.

But the good news is if you’re only reading All-New X-Men then you don’t have to worry about that. This is the “fun” X-Men book that Bendis is writing, with the original team stuck in the present alongside Kitty Pryde, X-23 and the cast of Uncanny X-Men.

Marvel has released the first few pages of All-New X-Men # 31 by incoming artist, Mahmud Asrar, who was formerly the artist of the New 52 Supergirl and some Ultimate X-Men issues. Stuart Immonen may be going to Captain America, but Asrar is a suitable replacement.

Although these pages don’t have much to do with Iceman, the solicitation copy promises that “Young Bobby Drake has had enough, and he’s letting loose in… a nail-biting issue that will show the world why Iceman is snow joke! The Future Brotherhood have been defeated, but there’s no rest for the weary – as the All-New X-Men must scramble to come to the aid of a mysterious teen with an unthinkable power!”

Okay then…

All-New X-Men # 31 hits comic book stores on Wednesday, August 27.


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