18 Game-Changing Movie Trailers


If you’ve been at a computer in the past 48 hours, you’ve probably seen the trailer for the new Mad Max film. Even if you weren’t actively seeking it out, it probably came across more than one of your social media sharing sites. That’s how awesome it is.

We were prepping to write about how disappointing Warner Brothers’ Comic-Con panel was, before this footage was released. And even though we knew it’d be part of their presentation, we weren’t prepared for what we saw.

It was impossible to know what to expect from Mad Max: Fury Road.  This is a film that’s gone through such a long production, with constant reports of needing more time to complete. It even had to move production to a different continent (Africa; more specifically Namibia) because, 30 years later, the same locations in Australia where The Road Warrior filmed weren’t looking up to snuff to director George Miller. An additional concern was about Miller, himself. Could the man who directed the original trilogy adequately go back to his post-apocalyptic-anarchist roots after making some enjoyable family films like Babe and Happy Feet? And could he really pull-off his intention to make one long car chase as an entire feature film?

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The word we used to describe the trailer was “game-changer.” What we had low expectations for before, suddenly escalated to becoming, probably, the blockbuster film of 2015 that we’re most looking forward to. We watched it about a dozen times. Other sites paused to properly notate all the medical records tattooed on Max’s (Tom Hardy) body (some takeaways: “the road warrior” is seen, and it appears that his “genitals are intact”). But while we were immensely impressed with the footage, we have to remind ourselves to calm down and let the film come out.

This might be the only film site on the internet to transition from “genitals intact” to a Winnie the Pooh, quote, but hey, it’s worth mentioning the advice of that bear sage: “Eating honey is my favorite thing, but that moment before eating the honey and knowing how good it might be is even better? Yeah, that is my favorite thing.” Sometimes it’s impossible to meet the expectations of a trailer, but it’s important to remember the genuine excitement you first felt from seeing that footage. And that those two feelings are different.

That got us thinking, what were some other films that got us ramped up based on a trailer? Not ones that we were already looking forward to, but films whose trailer got us whipped into a fanatic frenzy, searching for a sleeping bag to go find a cinema to camp in front of right then. Some of those films turned out great, some awful and some just never were as sweet as we imagined the honey would be. But they were sweet nonetheless.

So, please, put your paws into our honey-hole. And let us know other trailers we might’ve missed, where your previously low (or no) expectations jumped up to, I-have-to-be-there-opening-night-and-why-can’t-that-just-be-tonight?! 

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