Comic-Con 2014: Ben Kingsley on ‘The Boxtrolls’


San Diego Comic-Con may not seem like the place for an honest-to-goodness knight (more like pretend cardboard knights), but Sir Ben Kingsley is an exception. He’s in town to tell us all about The Boxtrolls, which he promises will be the most beautiful animated features you will ever see. He also discusses his one-shot short film for Marvel and the fate of Trevor, the not-quite-Mandarin.

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When an Academy-Award winning actor such as Sir Kingsley speaks, you should listen. Here, he eloquently details the political undertones and the general darkness of The Boxtrolls due to the machinations of his nefarious, pretentious social-climber character Archibald Snatcher, a name which could only belong to an animated character. He’s also got a rather unique way of doing his voice work that you’ll want to hear him describe, because listening to him talk is a lovely experience in and of itself.

The Boxtrolls opens on September 26.


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