Comic-Con 2014: Tanya Tate On The Dos and Don’ts of Cosplay

We caught up with the talented adult actress, model, and cosplayer Tanya Tate at Comic-Con 2014 to get some tips on cosplaying. 

If anyone can speak with authority on cosplaying and how to approach a cosplayer to ask for a photograph opportunity, it’s Tanya Tate. Aside from Tate’s multiple “MILF of the Year” award wins and starring in many adult films, she has also published a book on cosplaying titled Tanya Tate: My Life In Costume, making her an expert adviser on cosplaying and everything that comes with it.

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Here are few key tips straight from Tanya Tate herself:

  • DON’T poke a cosplayer — nobody likes being poked; it’s rude
  • DO ask politely ask for a picture — say please and thank you
  • DON’T zoom in on a cosplayer’s breasts — even if they’re on display, it’s not okay (hey, that rhymes!)
  • DON’T interrupt a cosplayer during an interview (unless Bibbs says so; then you get a pass)
  • DON’T ask for a photo opp while a cosplayer is eating
  • DO approach a cosplayer when they’re just “chilling” — this is the best time for a welcome photo opp
  • And absolutely DO NOT EVER grope a cosplayer… ever. Not cool.

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