Carnage & Hobgoblin Get Axis Spinoff Miniseries

Marvel is barely past the halfway point of Original Sin as it barrels towards its next event, Axis this fall. And while Marvel’s October solicitations are still two weeks away, two of the Axis tie-in miniseries have been announced. 
Both Carnage and Hobgoblin will star in three issue miniseries that spin out of the main Axis storyline by Rick Remender. Axis: Carnage will be written by Rick Spears with art by German Peralta as Cletus Kassidy and his infamous alien symbiote return to New York City in an “unexpected” way.

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Axis: Hobgoblin will focus on the original Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley as he also makes his way back to New York during the war between the Red Skull and the Avengers/X-Men.
The early Axis artwork seemed to clearly portray Carnage and the Green Goblin as allies of the Red Skull, but it seems like Green Goblin was swapped out for Hobgoblin because of Dan Slott’s ongoing Goblin plotline in Amazing Spider-Man. The most recent Hobgoblin, Phil Urich became the Goblin Knight during Slott’s Superior Spider-Man
Some potentially big spoilers for Axis are ahead, so skip the rest of this article if you don’t want to know anything else about the story!
Bleeding Cool has reported the rumor that Axis will feature some heroes and villains switching roles thanks to the Red Skull’s mental manipulations. More specifically, some villains will act like heroes while heroes will act like villains. 
If that’s true, then the Hobgoblin and Carnage miniseries may actually have them in the unlikely roles of New York’s protectors during the Axis event. That could potentially be very interesting.
We’ll know more when Axis begins in September.