8 Things Shovel Knight Does Better Than Most Classic NES Games


After a long wait and a whole lot of funding on the part of Kickstarter backers, Shovel Knight has finally arrived. If you're not already slaying dragons and collecting loot, you'll want to check out our review for the low-down on whether or not Shovel Knight is your type of game (spoiler: it probably is). From there, you'd best get straight to playing one of the year's most epic 2D adventures, before you lose your courage and resort back to the kind of shovelry found in gardens and greenhouses. In other words, the boring kind.

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What is it about Shovel Knight that sets it apart from the NES classics of yesteryear? Surely the lessons learned from Mega Man and Zelda II haven't gone to waste decades later. I've been thinking about that myself, and have compiled some standout traits that make Shovel Knight not just a loving tribute, but a modern 8-bit classic.

Take a look for yourself below, and let us know if you agree!