Doctor Who World Tour Transporting To Sydney This August

Ahead of the launch of the new “Doctor Who” series, which will mark the beginning of actor Peter Capaldi’s stint as the twelfth doctor, the team behind the revered British sci-fi show is coming to Oz.

Stopping in Sydney as a part of a world tour, Peter Capaldi will traverse the globe with companion Jenna Coleman and the series’ executive producer Steven Moffat as they embark on a “Doctor Who” world tour. The jaunt will span five continents, including Australia, in the space of 12 days.

The tour will kick off in Cardiff on August 7th, before moving on to London and winding up in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil on August 19th. Along the route the stars will stop by South Korea, Australia, the US and Mexico. More details will be available on the “Doctor Who” website soon.

Capaldi became the twelfth doctor at the end of last year and has since been filming his first full series. “It’s fantastic that so many people across the world love “Doctor Who”,” Capaldi said of the tour. “After eight months solid filming deep in the world of monsters, Jenna and I are thrilled to be heading for the planet of fans.”

According to show execs, it will be the largest promotional tour undertaken for the show, even surpassing its 50th anniversary celebrations last year. On that occasion a special episode, The Day of the Doctor, was broadcast in 98 countries simultaneously and was seen in more than 1,500 cinemas.

“I’ve always thought we’d all be a lot safer if the Doctor conquered the world, instead of the Daleks,” said Steven Moffat. “Now with Jenna and Peter leading the charge, it looks like it’s going to happen. I’ll be bringing up the rear to handle the exposition scenes, and maybe carry some bags.”

“Doctor Who” Series 8 will premiere in Australia in August on ABC1.