The Sopranos Coming To Blu-Ray At Last

Widely regarded as one of the best television series of all time, HBO’s The Sopranos is finally coming to Blu-ray in its entirety. All six series of the TV drama, starring the late James Gandolfini, will be released as a box set later this year and will include hours of bonus features.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the set’s bonus material includes lost scenes, 25 audio commentaries, roundtable discussions with the cast and crew, and a new featurette which explores the making of The Sopranos and its impact on the broader television landscape.

The 45-minute feature, named Defining a Television Landmark, interviews with cast members Gandolfini and Steve Buscemi, the crew, celebrities such as Jeff Daniels, filmmakers like Steven Soderbergh​, academics as well as series creator David Chase.

Six years after the series’ controversial final episode was first broadcast, creator David Chase, still refuses to discuss it. “All I’m able to say is gobbledygook,” he told a New York audience about the episode which he directed. “I wanted to create a suspenseful sequence. I meant to make you feel, not think.”

Chase also said he “still frankly flirt(s) with the idea sometimes” of making a prequel to The Sopranos, “if I had a really great way to do it.” According to THR, the box set will retail for USD$279.98 and will come on 28 Blu-ray discs in an elegant box featuring artwork from the series.

Image and video via THR