The B-Movies Podcast #174: Remember North Country?

The B-Movies Podcast Charlize Theron

The B-Movies Podcast hits you with a double-pronged assault this week, after releasing their second free feature length commentary track, for Paul W.S. Anderson's Event Horizon.

MaleficentA Million Ways to Die in the WestFilth and We Are the Best! get reviewed this week, so join CraveOnline's William "Bibbs" Bibbiani and Nerdist's Witney Seibold as they spew opinions forth like so many projectile ejectiles and dish their thoughts on all the latest movie news and whatnot: Josh Brolin is Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy, Johnny Depp turns Harry Houdini into a superheroCliffhanger gets the remake treatment, Roland Emmerich plans to reboot his own Stargate franchise, comedy directors line up to replace Edgar Wright on Ant-Man and tons, tons more.

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All this and the hit new game show "So You Think You Can Charles Dance" awaits you on The B-Movies Podcast #174: Remember North Country? (The correct answer is: no… probably.)

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