8 Reasons You Should Be Rooting For The Thunder

After Thursday night’s blowout loss to the Spurs, the Thunder are now one game away from being eliminated from the NBA playoffs. Thus in all likeliness we will be stuck with a boring Finals consistint of the Spurs and Heat yet again. Since 1999, the Spurs and Heat have combined for seven championships. Who wants to see that again?

Basketball fans everywhere need to get out their pom poms and channel all of their superstitions to cheer the Thunder to victory.

Here’s why you should root for Oklahoma City.


Russell Westbrook

…Who looks like the lost Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. That alone summons fond memories for every kid that grew up in the 80s and early 90s.

The Thunder have never won a NBA championship

Granted, their existence is less than a decade long but aren’t you sick and tired of seeing the same teams always win it in the NBA? Only 8 teams have won the NBA championship since 1983. The Spurs already have four titles and the Heat already have three. Spread the wealth. If those teams win it, it’s no different than a Roadrunner cartoon.

Kevin Durant needs a ring!

Up until 2012, the critics couldn’t stop talking about Lebron James’ quest for a ring. Well, he’s had his time; It’s time for Durant to have his moment. This was the year he finally surpassed Lebron for MVP. It’s only fitting that he gets a ring to go with it. This could be an iconic moment, like when Michael Jordan was hugging the trophy after defeating Magic Johnson’s Lakers for his first title.

Scott Brooks will lose his job if his team loses to San Antonio

Do you want to see that for the OKC coach? Do you want to see his kids out on the streets in soup kitchens asking, “Please, sir, can I have some more?” That is what will happen if you don’t cheer OKC on to victory. Do you want that on your conscience?

Oklahoma City fans

… having nothing else to be excited about. They need this!

Serge Ibaka

…Could be the new version of the Knicks’ Willis Reed. Root for Ibaka to overcome the odds and help lead the Thunder to victory. If you don’t you’re basically admitting that you’re hoping he gets hurt again and you’re not a patriot.

Nick Collison and Hasheem Thabeet

…Just cause. But an NBA title might get these two their own buddy cop sitcom and become the next Crockett and Tubs, Starsky and Hutch, Turner and Hooch. Heck, could you imagine Bad Boys 3 with Collison and Thabeet? Chew on that awesomeness. You’re welcome.

Its time to put the Spurs’ dynasty out to pasture

The Thunder, the young guns, represent all of us as kids. The Spurs are your dad, who despite two knee braces, can still bully you and knock down the jumper to beat you every single time. Well, if the Thunder win, it’s a victory for driveway basketball players everywhere.

Joshua Caudill is a writer for CraveOnline Sports, a surfing enthusiast, an unhealthy sports fanatic, and an expert on all things Patrick Swayze. You can follow him on Twitter @JoshuaCaudill85 or “like”CraveOnline Sports on Facebook.

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