The Top 10 Western Comedies Ever-Ever

Top Ten Western Comedies Ever Ever

This week’s release of A Million Ways to Die in the West made me think about the unusual genre-crossing of westerns and comedies, and how rarely it’s been done. However, in looking it up, I was surprised to find it was not quite as rare as I imagined. Of course I immediately think of Blazing Saddles and Back to the Future Part III, which both made it on this list, but IMDB reminded me of many movies I maybe forgot to classify as westerns, or forgot about entirely.

There were actually more than enough titles to rank the 10 best western-comedies ever, and I don’t even need to include the odd animated film Rango to make the quota. In fact, the 1994 Maverick remake is fun but didn’t quite make the cut of best ever. The Gold Rush is considered a western but it’s actually one of my least favorite Charlie Chaplin movies. Everyone remembers the dancing rolls, but the rest of the movie is very slow. I also used this assignment as an opportunity to do some homework on classic movies I had never seen, and virtually all of them made the list.

I want to give honorable mention to Wagon’s East which nobody saw because it was too depressing that John Candy died making it, but it’s got some funny parts and a pretty forward thinking gay hero for 1994. I actually don’t hate Wild Wild West either. For Men in Black in the west, it’s way more entertaining than the actual Men in Black sequel. But, I won’t subject you too many controversial picks. I already have one that’s even more controversial than if I had included Wild Wild West. 

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