Independence Day 2 Script Getting a Carter Blanchard Rewrite

Let’s just put this on the table right now…do we need a sequel to Independence Day?

Don’t get us wrong, we thought this movie was good-natured fun — albeit nonsensical fun — when it was released back in those pre-Internet days of 1996.  But do we need — I mean, really NEED — to see another installment 20 years later?

Nowadays, we’ve got giant transforming robots, huge energy-spewing lizards and amped-up superheroes and villains rampaging through our summer blockbusters. Is it essential those nondescript, utterly forgettable alien bad guys from ID4 return when we’ve got so many more interesting threats to destroy the White House in 2014?

Apparently, Roland Emmerich’s checkbook says yes — which prompted Thursday’s news in Variety (re-reported by Crave film site SuperHeroHype) that producer Emmerich and 20th Century Fox have ordered an ID4 2 script rewrite from Carter Blanchard.

Blanchard, who wrote the script for the video game flick Spy Hunter, is currently working on adapting Mark Millar’s decidedly-un-Kick-Ass superhero picture-book for children creation Kindergarten Heroes.

Other than confirmation that original star Will Smith won’t be returning for the sequel, all we know so far about Independence Day 2 is that it’s scheduled for July 1, 2016 release — exactly 20 years to the day after ID4‘s release.